Parlaying Two Teams To Go 0-17 Would Win You $28K+ 🤑

With Week 3 in the books, there's five teams yet to crack the win column. Let's take a look at some 0-17 bets 🤕 (4 minute read)

Undefeated & Winless

When Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost to the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday afternoon, down went perhaps the league’s trendiest bet - the Bucs to go 17-0

Now, just five teams (Broncos, Cardinals, Panthers, Raiders, Rams) maintain an unblemished record through three weeks, and oddsmakers aren’t especially bullish on any of them making it to the finish line that way

  • A $100 bet on any team to finish the regular season 17-0 would net $1,600 (+1600 odds)

On the flip side, however, is the looming possibility of the league’s cellar dwellers finishing the season winless. Five teams have yet to crack the win column through Week 3

  • Colts, Giants, Jaguars, Jets, Lions

  • The odds of any of them to finish the year 0-17 currently sits at +550

The 2008 Detroit Lions and the 2017 Cleveland Browns are the only teams in NFL history to go 0-16; is it possible we see a new loss record set this year in the inaugural 17-game season?

Expect A Win Soon

Of the five winless teams, two immediately jump off the page as candidates to earn their first victory sooner rather than later

  • The Indianapolis Colts currently have individual odds of +8000 to finish the year 0-17. A playoff team last season, they've started the year with a tough schedule, having to face three other 2020 postseason teams with a combined record of 6-3

  • No one is confusing the Giants (+3500 to go winless) with a powerhouse, but they’re expected to be competitive in a wide-open NFC East. They’ve only dropped their last two games by a combined total of four points

The Worst Of The Worst

So, that leaves three teams that have a legitimate shot at infamy. It’s a trio of lousy football teams, but are any of them actually can’t-win-a-single-game bad? Let’s take a deeper dive

The Jets (+1400) currently check in with the least optimistic season outlook, and have the lowest odds to not win a game

  • Cause For Concern: Rookie quarterback Zach Wilson, despite glowing reviews from camp, has looked largely overmatched so far with a 2-7 TD/INT ratio and a QBR of 22.1

  • Games To Watch: Week 5 vs. ATL, Week 12 @ HOU, Week 16 vs. JAX

The Jaguars (+1600) had their fair share of advocates this preseason as an up-and-coming team, but Urban Meyer and Trevor Lawrence’s NFL careers have gotten off to inauspicious starts

  • Cause For Concern: Lawrence’s seven interceptions are tied with Wilson for the league lead, and the Jags have yet to end a game within single digits of their opponent

  • Games To Watch: Week 4 @ CIN, Week 15 vs. HOU, Week 16 @ NYJ

Lastly, there’s the Lions (+1600), who just suffered one of the most heartbreaking defeats you’ll ever see against Baltimore

  • Cause For Concern: Detroit has shown admirable fight against three tough teams, but this remains one of the weaker rosters in the league. An already-thin defense got thinner when Jeff Okudah was lost for the season

  • Games To Watch: Week 4 @ CHI, Week 6 vs. CIN, Week 12 @ CHI

The Winless Parlay

If you noticed the games to watch above, you’ll see that the Jets and Jaguars play each other in Week 16, almost guaranteeing that one of them gets a win (if they haven’t by then)

While we expect Detroit to pull one out soon, how crazy would it be if two teams both went winless in the same season!? In order for this bet to hit, you need to correctly pick the winner of the Jaguars vs Jets game. For the sake of the parlay, let’s say the Jets win that game at home

  • Betting $100 on the Lions and Jaguars to both go 0-17 results in a $28,800 payout

  • That’s enough to cop this fresh “Hulk” Rolex off Amazon

No one wants to see a team go 0-17…but EVERYONE wants Rolex 🤑

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